Dog Attack


Dog Attack

Quick Facts

Our client was charged by her local council under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 for an attack committed by her dogs.

Domestic Animals Act 1994, s29(4): If a dog that is not a dangerous dog or a restricted breed dog, attacks or bites any person or animal and causes a serious injury or death to the person or animal, the owner of the dog is then guilty of an offence and liable to a penalty not exceeding 40 penalty units.

Maximum Sentencing?

40 penalty units equates to approximately $5904.40 (as 1 penalty unit = $147.61 2014/2015)

Case Background

Our client owned two dogs in Melbourne. While the victim was at the premises, both dogs began attacking him. They cornered the victim and began biting him on the arms and legs.  A neighbour heard loud yelling and barking and alerted the police. The victim suffered multiple serious injuries to his arms and legs.


This was a favourable outcome for our client as she pleaded guilty to the charges and was only convicted and fined an aggregate of $2,610.40 as opposed to the maximum penalty. The local council also agreed to write off approximately $11,000.00 in Pound Fees, which would have been typically incurred by our client.

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