Diversion for Glassing Attack


Diversion for Glassing Attack

Quick Facts

Our client whilst intoxicated threw a glass at a bartender which hit the bartender in the head. Our client was charged with Recklessly causing injury and unlawful assault pursuant to section 18 of the Victorian Crimes Act 1958

Maximum Sentence

Maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment

What the Client received:

  • Our client was granted Diversion; which meant he was without a finding of guilt and without a police record.

Case Background

Several years prior to the offence, our client had many seizures and was later diagnosed with epilepsy. He was hospitalised as a result and eventually lost his career in the IT industry and his marriage as a result. He was placed on a disability pension and further diagnosed with mental illness disorders of depression and bi-polar.

Ordinarily assault cases that involve the use of a glass as a weapon against the victim will generally result in sentence of imprisonment as this is a serious offence. Through in-depth discussions about our client’s background and by obtaining supporting medical material we were able to build a case for the matter to proceed through diversion as our client had never had any previous issues with police. Diversion was important for our client in order to be able to undertake volunteer work which our client saw as a way to help him return to work and assist in recovery from his mental health issues.

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