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Driving While Suspended

Driving is a privilege that we sometimes take for granted. It is always the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has a valid licence before starting the engine. Victoria has very stringent traffic laws and one of the easiest ways for an otherwise upstanding individual to end up in gaol is by repeatedly driving […]

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Ridesharing Services – What is UberX?

UpdateAs of May 2016, the Victorian county court have effectively legalised Uber services in Victoria. While the Victorian government has yet to regulate Uber’s ride sharing services, this definitely changes things for all Victorian Uber drivers. In light of the growing phenomenon and popularity of online mobile phone application linking passengers to private vehicle drivers, […]

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Bail Application for Culpable Driving Causing Death

Case Bail Application for Culpable Driving Causing Death Quick Facts Our client was charged with Culpable Driving Causing Death – (Section 318 of the Crimes Act 1958) This was an Unacceptable Risk Bail Application – (Section 4(1) of the Bail Act 1977); read more about different presumptions of bail here Maximum Sentencing Level 3 imprisonment (20 […]

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