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Attempted Rape Case

Case Attempted Rape Case Quick Facts Our client was charged with attempted Rape and multiple charges of Sexual Assault. He was alleged to have attempted to have sex with the complainant without her consent, and to have sexually assaulted her.  Maximum Sentencing 25 years – standard sentence is 10 years. What our client received Attempted […]

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Indecent Assault Case

Case Indecent Assault Case in the Magistrates Court Quick Facts Our client was charged with indecent assault committed on his 14-year-old stepdaughter. Crimes Act 1958, s39(1): A person must not commit indecent assault. “Indecent” has its ordinary meaning in the English language. It is for the jury to decide whether the facts amount to indecency, however, there must […]

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Child Pornography Case

Case Child Pornography Case in the Magistrates’ Court Quick Facts Our client was charged with possessing images and videos of child pornography. Police attended our client’s house and seized a number of computer storage devices. These items were examined and the police found thousands of images and movies depicting child pornography. Our client made full […]

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