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Family Violence Safety Notice (FVSN)

A Family Violence Safety Notice is a type of legal document which prohibits certain behaviour by one person (the respondent) against another (the affected family member). This notice also serves as a police application for an Intervention Order against the respondent and includes a summons to attend court on a specified date for the hearing […]

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Outline of Standard Sentencing laws in Victoria

Sentencing is a complicated area of law in Victoria. There are a large variety of different factors which a Court must take into account when imposing a sentence, including but not limited to the nature and gravity of the offence itself, the previous character of the person being sentenced, and the maximum penalty for that […]

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What is Diversion?The Victorian Criminal Justice Diversion Program provides eligible offenders with a unique opportunity to take responsibility for their offending, benefit the community and avoid a criminal record. Eligibility To be considered for Diversion the following must occur: You must acknowledge responsibility for the offence; Your matter must not include a charge punishable by a fixed minimum sentence The […]

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