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FACTS: Our client was charged with Unlawful Assault contrary to section 23 of the Summary Offences Act and False Imprisonment under the common law. The police alleged that our client pushed his ex-partner into a room within her property, then prevented her from leaving until she complied with him. Our client was able to produce […]

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FACTS: Our firm was approached by a couple who required assistance withdrawing an Intervention Order put in place on the request of police, who had become involved after the parties had an argument in a public place. There was no history of family violence in the relationship, and the affected family member did not support […]

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A Family Violence Safety Notice is a type of legal document which prohibits certain behaviour by one person (the respondent) against another (the affected family member). This notice also serves as a police application for an Intervention Order against the respondent and includes a summons to attend court on a specified date for the hearing […]

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