April 2020 - Paul Vale Criminal Law

Sentencing is a complicated area of law in Victoria. There are a large variety of different factors which a Court must take into account when imposing a sentence, including but not limited to the nature and gravity of the offence itself, the previous character of the person being sentenced, and the maximum penalty for that […]

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Case Cultivation and possession of cannabis, including of a commercial quantity Quick FactsOur client was charged with Cultivation of Cannabis in a commercial quantity, Cultivation of Cannabis, and Possession of Cannabis Maximum Sentencing Cultivate a Commercial Quantity of Cannabis – Level 2 imprisonment (25 years maximum) – s72A Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 […]

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CaseAttempt to Import Border Controlled Drug – Trial in the County Court Quick Facts Our client was charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of an illegally imported drug contrary to section 11.1(1) and section 307.8(1) of the Criminal Code (Cth) 1995. He was alleged to have attempted to possess a package which contained […]

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Attempted Rape Case

19 April 2020

Case Attempted Rape Case Quick Facts Our client was charged with attempted Rape and multiple charges of Sexual Assault. He was alleged to have attempted to have sex with the complainant without her consent, and to have sexually assaulted her.  Maximum Sentencing 25 years – standard sentence is 10 years. What our client received Attempted […]

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