A leading specialist criminal law firm in Victoria for over 40 years

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Paul Vale Criminal Law

Paul Vale Criminal Law has been a leading specialist criminal law firm in Victoria for over 40 years.

Our solicitors appear daily at Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts all over Victoria. We specialise in all criminal and road traffic matters including murder, sexual offences, drug offences, assaults, fraud and driving offences (drink driving).

Our Principal Solicitor Chen Yang is also an experienced Melbourne Criminal Lawyer who is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin).

We conduct all manners of Melbourne Criminal Law matters

All criminal hearings including complex bail applications, contested hearings and jury trials

Appeals to the County Court, Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia

Defences for governmental agency prosecutions (Australian Tax Office, Taxi Services Commission, Local Councils, AHPRA)

Intervention Order and Personal Safety Order hearings

Traffic Offences

Your licence is precious, let our experienced solicitors put your best case forward.
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Bail Application

Why would you or your loved ones spend another day in custody when they can get bail?
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Drug Offences

Apart from obtaining remarkable results in court, our close connection with drug and alcohol services gives you the best chance for rehabilitation.
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Homicide/Culpable Driving

Paul Vale Criminal Law is renowned for defending the most serious offences. Let our experienced solicitors guide you through the daunting legal process; formulate the ideal legal strategy and execute with professionalism.
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Fraud/White Collar Crimes

Equip yourself with an Accredited Criminal Specialist and choose from our stable of pre-eminent White-Collar crime barristers to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.
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Family Violence

Intervention Orders can separate you from your home and your children, let us minimise the legal damage to the family.
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Sex Offences

We understand the process, we know the difficulties, we care about you and our expertise gets results.
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Agency Prosecution

Local Council Prosecutions, Taxi Services Commission, ASIC Prosecutions, ATO Prosecutions
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Asset interference

When your assets have been restrained or your property is subject to a caveat, you need to act fast to preserve them. We are the experts in dealing with Restraining Order and Compensation Order.
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Paul Vale Criminal Law Office Locations

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10 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

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